Soil and Water Testing at Your Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op Laboratory


How to take a soil sample   - Take a minimum of 6 samples to a depth of 8 inches from 4 ‘corners’ and center of pasture or garden for representative results. Avoid areas that have distinctly different environments e.g. a waterlogged spot.  Combine and mix and place at least one quart of soil in a clean Ziploc-style bag marked with sample information, and what is to be grown. Deliver to Scale House, Store, or Fertilizer Plant.


How to take a water sample – Collect samples from the specific area of trough or pond where water is generally consumed.  For pond water, try to collect the sample from at least 2 feet from the edge of the pond. Place into a CLEAN (preferably unused), lidded glass container marked with sample information. Keep sample cool, out of direct sunlight, and deliver within 6 hours to the Scale House, Store, or Fertilizer Plant.