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2017 Annual Meeting Update

Update on 2017 Annual Meeting

Hopkins County Civic Center
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Lindners Finisher 16%, Lindners Half N Half Grower
Lindners Scud Missles 23%, Lindners Sow Ground,
Lindners Starter/Grower, Lindners Oat Groats
Lindners Vitamin P Paylean 10 lb. Pail
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We're Your Co-op!

Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op belongs to the people who use it- the dairymen, the farmers, and the ranchers of Northeast Texas who have organized to provide themselves with the goods and services they need.  We operate for the benefit of our members.

The Co-op exists to serve the needs and encourage the success of Northeast Texas producers by providing the highest quality products, services, and support.  We are committed to exploring technology to provide our members and affiliates with knowledge, opportunities, and solutions for the betterment of agriculture industry in Northeast Texas.

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