Rules of NETFC Trading Post

Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op Trading Post is a classifieds designed for the members and customers of Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op. The rules below are guidelines and are subject to change at any point in time. Classified ads for either items for sale, items wanted to buy, services offered, or services wanted can be submitted for approval to customerservice [at] or through our Greenville office location. If your ad is not approved you will be notified by the moderator. We ask that all classifieds submitted have a brief (1 to 2 paragraph) description and a photo (if applicable).


1) Anything posted must be AGRICULTURE RELATED! Postings of anything deemed not agriculture related will not be allowed at the moderators discretion.

2) Minors are not allowed to post in the classifieds section due to legal restrictions. Parents may post for their minor children and are responsible for all transactions.

3) Asking for money, donations, or to offer giveaways, drawings, or the like is prohibited on the Trading Post, unless you have prior administrative approval. We realize that there are many good causes out there, but we have no way to verify the validity of such.

4) Please refer to the Rules of the Trading Post Classifieds before buying, selling or trading. Specific Rules and Guidelines are posted here.

5) Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op takes no responsibility for the transactions taken place through this forum. We only create the classifieds to offer our patrons a network in which they can buy, sell, and trade agricultural related products and services. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST SPEAKING WITH A MEMBER BY PHONE CALL BEFORE SENDING ANY TYPE OF PAYMENTS. IF A MEMBER WILL NOT MEET IN PERSON OR SPEAK WITH YOU THROUGH A PHONE CALL, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. Before you send any money or merchandise, get an address, a phone number and CALL the other member!!

Please Close your ads when you have sold your items (even if payment is pending) or found what you wanted. This can be done by emailing the moderator at customerservice [at] Ads left up for more than 3 months will be taken down at the moderators discretion. If you would like your ad to stay up for more than 3 months, you must specify when submitting your ad for approval.

7) You MUST be the owner of the item(s). This means you CAN NOT sell for anyone. If you don't own it, expect your ad to be pulled. There are just too many issues when selling for friends, co-workers, extended family members (not including spouse or child that lives in the home), etc. This means you must be the sole owner of the item.

8) No multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes.

9) No firearm sales or trades. This includes muzzleloaders, gun barrels, gun scopes, frames and ammunition or any other firearms related items.

10) Your word is your bond, your word is your rep, and your actions speak louder than all the words combined. If you can’t maintain and keep your word, and if you can't meet your obligations, then you have NO business doing business here. PLEASE do everyone a favor, including yourself, and don’t do business where people depend on you to perform your duty to them, and conduct business in a mature and honorable fashion.