Lab Services

The Sulphur Springs Laboratory is pleased to offer services to help optimize your operation.

Forage analysis    We offer nutritional analysis of hay, balage and silage using NIR spectrophotometry for rapid turnaround of results. Analysis includes NDF, ADF, ADP, DM, crude protein, digestible protein, Ca, Mg, K, and P minerals, %TDN, RFV, and net energies. See more about the importance of forage testing.

Cost: $11.00 members, $18.00 non-members.

Nitrate and Prussic acid (cyanide) analysis of forage  We offer analysis of forage for these harmful toxins that can suppress performance, inhibit reproduction, cause abortions, and may result in fatalities. The nitrate test is quantitative; the Prussic acid test is qualitative. These tests have a minimum turnaround time of 24 hours.  For information on how to take a good sample please refer to Nitrate Poisoning and Prussic Acid Poisoning.

Cost: $15.00 for nitrate with moisture,  $22.50 for Prussic acid.

Aflatoxin  We offer a highly sensitive immunoassay for aflatoxin in corn, milo, and whole cottonseed. The test is USDA and GIPSA accredited. Turnaround time is 8 hours. The test requires a 3 – 5 lb sample of grain preferably probed from a minimum of 6 sites and pooled to form a composite. 

Cost: $23.00 for corn and milo, $32.00 for whole cottonseed.

Soil Test  We offer soil analysis with fertilizer and lime recommendations for pasture, lawn and garden. In addition to N-P-K and pH, results include soil conductivity, and sulfur, calcium, and magnesium levels. Turnaround time is 5 – 7 days. Please see link on how to take a good soil sample.

Cost: $15.00

Water Test for Livestock Suitability We offer water quality testing for livestock potability. Results include Total Dissolved Solids, hardness, nitrate, sulfate, iron and pH. Turnaround time is 3-4 days. Please see link on how to take a good water sample

Cost: $12.50.

Water Test – nitrate levels  We offer a quantitative nitrate test for livestock drinking water.  Consumption of high levels of nitrates can lead to fertility problems, slower breed-back rates, loss of productivity, abortion, and even death. Nitrates can be a problem in ponds in fertilized pastures and during times of drought. Turnaround time is 3-4 hours. Please see link on how to take a good water sample.

Cost: $5.00