Bulk Fertilizer

Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op is your one stop shop for all your spring and summer seeds and fertilizers!

Call one of our specialists to make sure that you get the right blend for your land and the most for your money.  We can form a custom blend to meet your specific soil sample. 

Let us custom spread for you, or you can come by either of our plants in Sulphur Springs and Greenville to get a buggy and spread it yourself.  Remember, our buggies are given out on a first come, first serve basis, so you might want to call to see if any are available at that time.

For current prices and spreading schedules, call Jim Ratzlaff or Wayne Spears at 903-885-7221, 903-885-5036, or 800-722-0174 in Sulphur Springs. Call Freddie Dale at 903-454-0940 in the Greenville area.