Bulk Feed

Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op is the bulk feed innovator in Northeast Texas!

Join us as we forge into the future with our state of the art feed mill and our leading edge technology feed formulations.  Our on staff nutritionist, Dr. Robert Winn is working with our producers to formulate feeds that will minimize feed costs with maximum results for your herd.  Your Co-op is making sure that our feeds have the best nutritional value and are cost competitive to make your operation as efficient and cost effective as it can be. We offer a wide range of bulk feeds, custom formulated for your operation, whether it is large or small. 

Call today, at 903-885-5036, 903-885-7221 or 1-800-722-0174 to set up an appointment with one of our customer service representatives to come out to visit your operation and work with you on your bulk feed, bag feed, bag mineral, and animal health needs.