Agriculture According to Jim

by Jim Ratzlaff

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Our pastures and hay meadows are thin and this allows weeds to grow.  Many weeds are already up. Come into our stores and get the right herbicides. We purchased at a very good buy many different herbicides, so we will be the getting place this year. We also have several new spray rigs on hands at very good prices as well. We have spray rigs from point 110 gallon to 500-gallon trailer rigs. This would be a good year to re-establish your hay meadows with some good hi-breed Bermuda grass seed.  Common Bermuda grass seed is pretty high this year. The better varieties did not go up much, and on some that did, we purchased at the old price, so come in early and get the deal on Bermuda grass seed this year.

If you are thinking about rebuilding some fences this year, check us out at our EXPO.  We will have several specials on fencing then. We have the new plastic tee post. I have used them on my place and I really like them.